ALL TEAMS – SEASON 2017/2018
BRD FIRST Tech Challenge Romania

Thank you all 92 registered teams – Romanian and foreign teams - in the BRD FIRST Tech Challenge Romanian National Competition.

The official lists of the 90 Romanian teams and 2 foreign teams for season #2 BRD FIRST Tech Challenge are:

90 Romanian Registered Teams
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Team No. Team Name Institution City
RO 001 XEO Colegiul National - Horea, Closca si Crisan Alba Iulia
RO 002 HARAMBECARTEL Colegiul National - Moise Nicoara Arad
RO 003 RUSTYANDROIDS Colegiul National - Gheorghe Vranceanu Bacau
RO 004 CYBERMINDS Colegiul National - Vasile Lucaciu Baia Mare
RO 005 ESENTZAROBOTICS Colegiul National - Petru Rares Beclean
RO 006 BOLTSNGEARS Colegiul National - Liviu Rebreanu Bistrita
RO 007 CYBERHAWKS Colegiul National - Mihai Eminescu Botosani
RO 008 KRONBOT Colegiul National de Informatica - Grigore Moisil Brasov
RO 009 ROBOAS Colegiul National - Andrei Saguna Brasov
RO 010 DIMCANRO Colegiul National Militar - Dimitrie Cantemir Breaza
RO 011 Masterminds Colegiul National - Cantemir Vodă Bucuresti
RO 012 DAVOS Colegiul Tehnic - Ion Mincu Timisoara
RO 013 NOVANOID Complexul Educational Lauder-Reut Bucuresti
RO 014 QUBE Colegiul National - Mihai Viteazul Bucuresti
RO 015 ROBOTITANS Colegiul National - Sfantul Sava Bucuresti
RO 016 ROBO-SAPIENS Colegiul National - Spiru Haret Bucuresti
RO 017 TITANS Colegiul National - Gheorghe Lazar Bucuresti
RO 018 VORTEXBREAKERS Colegiul National de Informatica - Tudor Vianu Bucuresti
RO 019 BIONIC.SCARAB Liceul Teoretic - Alexandru Ioan Cuza Bucuresti
RO 020 LIL VAMPS American International School of Bucharest Bucuresti
RO 021 VIANULEGENDS Colegiul National de Informatica - Tudor Vianu Bucuresti
RO 022 GENTLEMEN Colegiul National - Sfantul Sava Bucuresti
RO 023 WATTSUP Colegiul National - Dinicu Golescu Campulung Muscel
RO 024 HYPE Liceul Teoretic - Nicolae Balcescu Cluj-Napoca
RO 025 PRIMETECH Liceul de Informatica - Tiberiu Popoviciu Cluj-Napoca
RO 026 PHOENIX Liceul Teoretic - Avram Iancu Cluj-Napoca
RO 027 ROBO-TEL Colegiul Tehnic de Comunicatii - Augustin Maior Cluj-Napoca
RO 028 TRIX Colegiul Național - Emil Racovita Cluj-Napoca
RO 029 EUXINUS Colegiul National - Mircea cel Batran Constanta
RO 030 THEROBOTORS Liceul Teoretic International de Informatica Constanta
RO 031 SOFTHOARDERS Colegiul National - Fratii Buzesti Craiova
RO 032 IDL_ELECTRONICS Colegiul Tehnic - Ion D. Lăzărescu Cugir
RO 033 ROYALBOT_NEXUS Liceul Teoretic - Ion Ghica Racari
RO 034 VECTRON Colegiul National - Andrei Muresanu Dej
RO 035 NOVAROBOTICS Liceul Teoretic - Carmen Sylva Eforie Sud
RO 036 BRICKBOT Colegiul National Unirea Focsani
RO 037 BYTEFORCE Colegiul National - Vasile Alecsandri Galati
RO 038 ROBOTX_HD Colegiul National de Informatica - Traian Lalescu Hunedoara
RO 039 IRIS_CNR Colegiul National Iasi
RO 040 SNAKETECH Colegiul National - Petru Rares Piatra Neamt
RO 041 BRAVEBOTS Colegiul National - Mihai Viteazul Ploiesti
RO 042 BIONIC_ROYALS Colegiul National - Mircea Cel Bătrân Ramnicu Valcea
RO 043 TESSERAKT Colegiul National - Gheorghe Lazar Sibiu
RO 044 CIRCUIT-DEALERZ Colegiul National - Petru Rares Suceava
RO 045 PHANTOM Liceul - Voievodul Mircea Targoviste
RO 046 TECHNOGODS Colegiul National - Ecaterina Teodoroiu Targu Jiu
RO 047 ROBOPAPIU Colegiul National - Alexandru Papiu Ilarian Targu - Mures
RO 048 WIZZTECH Liceul Teoretic - Grigore Moisil Timisoara
RO 049 RIVER_WOLVES Liceul Teoretic - Grigore Moisil Tulcea
RO 050 CYBERPUNK Colegiul National - Mihai Viteazul Turda
RO 051 PANDA The International Computer High School of Constanta Constanta
RO 052 DAM-ROBOTICS Colegiul National de Informatica - Tudor Vianu Bucuresti
RO 053 LTNIX Liceul Teoretic National Bucuresti
RO 054 DARKANGELS Liceul Teoretic - Stefan Odobleja Bucuresti
RO 055 AUTOVORTEX Liceul Tehnologic - Nicolae Balcescu Voluntari
RO 056 MUSCHETARII Liceul National de Informatica Arad
RO 057 WIREIMPULSE Colegiul National - Vasile Goldis Arad
RO 058 ROBOM Colegiul National - Gheorghe Munteanu Murgoci Braila
RO 059 NRGROBOTIX Colegiul Tehnic Energetic - Dragomir Hurmuzescu Deva
RO 060 CNDROBOTICS Colegiul National - Decebal Deva
RO 061 MODUS_VIVENDI Colegiul National - Mihai Eminescu Oradea
RO 062 GOROBO Colegiul National - Emanuil Gojdu Oradea
RO 063 WAFY Colegiul Tehnic - Constantin Brancusi Petrila
RO 064 B-ROBO-TEAM Colegiul Tehnic de Transporturi si Telecomunicatii ”Ion I. C. Brătianu Satu Mare
RO 065 PERPETUUM_MOBILE Colegiul National - Mihai Eminescu Satu Mare
RO 066 ROBOTICACNRG Colegiul National - Radu Greceanu Slatina
RO 067 TEHROCUZ Liceul Tehnologic - Alexandru Ioan Cuza Slobozia
RO 068 THOBOR Colegiul Național - Calistrat Hogas Tecuci
RO 070 NOVEMBERELEVEN Liceul Tehnologic - Sfanta Ecaterina Urziceni
RO 071 ARMYBOT Colegiul Militar National - Mihai Viteazul Alba Iulia
RO 072 BRAINSTORMS Colegiul Tehnic - Alesandru Papiu Ilarian Zalau
RO 073 ROBOCADET Colegiul National Militar - Tudor Vladimirescu Craiova
RO 074 CSH Liceul Pedagogic - Carmen Sylva Timisoara
RO 075 LITTLE-FUTURE-ROBOTS Liceul Tehnologic Jimbolia Jimbolia
RO 076 FASTFORWARDFUTURETEAM Colegiul Naţional - Avram Iancu Ștei
RO 077 QUANTUMROBOTICS Liceul Teoretic International de Informatica Bucuresti
RO 078 TRANSILVANIA_ROBOTIX Asociatia Transilvania Robotix Cluj-Napoca
RO 079 OVIBOT Liceul Teoretic - Ovidius Constanta
RO 080 MECHANX Liceul Tehnologic - Dimitrie Leonida Constanta
RO 081 TECHNOLOGIC Liceul Tehnologic de Electrotehnică și Telecomunicații Constanta
RO 082 CYLIIS Liceul Teoretic de Informatica - Grigore Moisil Iasi
RO 083 RO8O7 Liceul Tehnologic - Ion Banescu Mangalia
RO 084 ROBOCORP Colegiul National - Marton Aron Miercurea Ciuc
RO 085 CYB3RG0DS Colegiul National de Informatica Piatra Neamt
RO 086 BIYTES Colegiul National - Octavian Goga Sibiu
RO 087 TEA-BORGS Colegiul National - Tudor Vladimirescu Targu Jiu
RO 088 HEARTLESS HONEY BADGERS American International School of Bucharest Bucuresti
RO 089 RELICBOT Colegiul National - Ferdinand I Bacau
RO 090 COTOVU-ROBOT Liceul Teoretic - Ioan Cotovu Harsova
6 International Teams
Team No. Team Name Institution City
RO 091 UFO-244 Sankt Petersburg Public School #244 Russia
RO 092 PML30 RAINY DAYS Sankt-Petersburg, Governor Physics and Mathematics Lyceum 30 Russia
RO 093 Update soon
RO 094 Update soon
RO 095 Update soon
RO 096 Update soon

We greatly appreciate the huge interest we saw in the number of application received. We thank all the teams who applied.
For all those who are not on the final list: Please be sure we will in touch with you for the following events in your region and for the next season registration.

Keep up the good work and invest in your passion for robotics!


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