Promote Award (Optional Award)
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Award and Description

This judged award is optional and may not be given at all tournaments. Please contact your tournament director to determine if it will be given at an event you attend.
The Promote Award is given to the team that is most successful in creating a compelling video message for the public designed to change our culture and celebrate science, technology, engineering and math. Teams must submit a one-minute long public service announcement (PSA) video based on the PSA subject for the season.

PSA Subject for 2016 – 2017 Season:
“This is how I plan to pay FIRST forward…”


Required criteria for the Promote Award:
• Video must meet the following criteria:
o Video cannot be longer than 60 seconds. o Video must be of a high quality, as submissions may be used at a later time to promote FIRST.
o Team must have rights to music used in the video.
o Video must have strong production value.
o Video must be submitted by the designated deadline.
• Team must present a thoughtful and impactful
video which appeals to the general public.
• Creativity in interpreting the annually assigned theme is required.
• See video award submission guidelines in the Game Manual Part I.
• PSA Subject is announced each year in the Game Manual Part I.